Niche Marketing For Professional Services

Professional service providers are respected and typically paid well because of their specialized skills and knowledge. But with so many providers competing for the same clients, commoditization (and the associated drop your ability to charge a premium rate) is a real problem. You must be able to set yourself apart from the competition.

Lawyers, dentists, accountants, and realtors: What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Who is your ideal customer? Anserwing these questions is an important part of discovering and defining your niche.

You can niche down in your profession one of two ways: service specialization (provide a service that is different from your competitors) or niche industry focus (focus on a subset of your market)

I know that niching down seems totally counterintuitive because the entire premise revolves around targeting a fewer set of people in order to get a much larger return. But, if done correctly, niching down lets you work smarter not harder. You will stand out as being known for something special, you will get referrals within the market, and you won’t have to compete on price.

By focusing on a niche, a subset of the overall market, the people who you’ll be excited to work with will immediately resonate with your brand and want to work with you too! And when the time comes for them to do business, you are the one that they will look for – making your competitors seem totally irrelevant.

When you stop trying to focus on pleasing the masses and decided to niche down, your business will skyrocket!

5 Reasons To Pick A Niche

It sets you apart from your competition

Sex. Yeah, that’s right, it’s all animal instinct that can’t be ignored. Do you want to just be another guy in the room hoping some random woman is going to single you out for sex, or do you do something special to stand out from the crowd? You know how to do it. Dress better, be in shape, be interesting, smell good, and brush your teeth. It applies to business as well. Why would someone hire you, and give you their money? Be smarter, taller, smell better, and in better shape.

Marketing becomes easier

When you niche down, you focus on a specific segment of your market. You know who you are talking to within this segment, so writing for them, and reaching them, becomes easier.

You will dominate search engines

Google is the absolute King Of The Internet. Google loves niche websites. If you’re niche happens to include keywords with high search volume and relatively low competition, then Google will love you more and you will rise in the rankings. Niche HQ was created to help you find these keywords.

You will crush your local competition

Local SEO is the buzz. There is no magic to dominating Local SEO. Niche down to specific needs in your local area of business. Veteran’s that love to run and lift, and are RV owners, that live in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

You will be perceived as the expert in your field

Generalists are common, so stop trying to please everyone. The people that make the most money in any industry are speciailists: lawyers, realtors, musicians, athletes, restaurants, etc.

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