NicheHQ Blog

Discovering a killer niche can be a challenge. NicheHQ will help you get it done. As I've said before, the last thing the world needs is another tired ass keyword research tool.

They typical keyword tool workflow is something like this:

  • Start with a blank slate,
  • enter a keyword or phrase,
  • get the results,
  • do some quick analysis,
  • keep searching until you find something worthwhile.

NicheHQ is different. It's all right there for you to see. You can browse our entire dataset, or filter, or sort on any field. Whatever you want. Brainstorming has never been so easy.

But wait, there's more. Not really. Here is some stuff I've learned while working in the "online marketing, info product development, niche website, affiliate marketing" field since 2002.

  • Niche Marketing For Professional Services

    Professional service providers are respected and typically paid well because of their specialized skills and knowledge. But with so many providers competing for the same clients, commoditization (and the associated drop your ability to charge a premium rate) is a real problem. You must be able to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Best Products To Sell On Amazon

    When I’m searching Amazon for products to sell on my niche websites, I use the following tools, free, from the sources that matter the most:

  • Affiliate Marketing Best Niches

    If affiliate marketing is your thing, then you know there are a few evergreen niches that will crank out consistent commissions: health, wealth, and sex.